Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Irresponsible hypocrites

I am breaking my silence on this blog after many months, and today I think I need to stand up and speak. Not only because I can, but because I should.

If there's anything that Indians should be most ashamed of, then I feel it should be the Indian news channels. I have never seen anyone so hypocritical and spineless as these news channels. If Raj Thackeray is to be blamed for being an extremist when it comes to the issue of anti-Bihari propaganda, news channels are lending a helping hand by instigating one state against another. And today, the Mumbai Police was made the scape goat by this irresponsible media.

This goes to all the media persons out there.

Do you think the Mumbai police is an irresponsible organization that is made up of people like you who can't even write proper subtitles for news. The police doesn't gun down people like Rahul Raj to gain a whole-day footage. They don't like to pull the trigger because they are trigger-happy, but because they are forced to. And you mud-slingers don't think even for a second to comment on a force because of whom you can comfortably sit in your offices and 'report' (pun intended!) national happenings. And you are no one to tell police how the situation needed to be handled. I don't think anyone of you cowards would be in a position to speak out a word on your cameras with someone threatening you with a gun. You better not tell the police when to pull the trigger. Bihar's CM Nitish Kumar talked 'expertise' when he said that the police could have shot Rahul in the leg. I sincerely believe that the police are rational enough to evaluate choices while facing a deranged youth with a threatening gun in his hand, having injured one of the passengers with a shot. Media persons highlighted the fact that this youth was saying that he had no enmity towards any passengers and that he didn't mean to hurt them. He was simply angry against Raj Thackeray. Imagine yourself in that scenario. Would you react to his actions or listen and evaluate options based on his statements? What if all your media houses' head honchos were in that bus and this youth would have threatened them? Would they have asked the police to exercise restraint and not to pull the trigger and instead engage in a conversation with him? When your life is endangered, the natural choice is to eliminate the threat.

And thats precisely the role the police was meant to play in that scenario and avoid further escalation of this situation. And you spineless jellyfish of Indian media blame the police anyways. You are blaming it now, and you would have blamed it later if it had exercised restraint. And meanwhile if Rahul Raj would have killed or injured any passenger, the driver or the conductor; you wouldn't search for 'carefully selected' words to spare the police. It would have still come naturally for you.

The bottomline is that you are forgetting your true role in the national context. You have been given freedom of speech and you don't think twice about using it even on those guardians of freedom. At the end of it, you have absolutely no right to point fingers, since you yourselves are directionless. If you can't be a part of the solution, we won't tolerate you being a part of the problem...