Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Reminescences of D-day

This is a poem I composed, the inspiration of which is the wonderfully made movie 'Saving Private Ryan'. The poem describes a first-person witness of the D-day landing of Allied forces at Ohama beach, Normandy. And what followed was one of the gruesome battles of WW-2.

Reminiscences of D-day

The guns boom all over the seas of Ohama
The monstrous splash of a shell drenching me all over
The saline seas appear tainted and accursed
And the thunderous waves appearing ominous.

As a commander, dauntless I ought to be
But I can't help as I feel my hands freeze
They tremble as I take a sip of brandy
Blurred as my vision gets, holocaust of the world I see.

I look at my men, they look at me
Without a word, their void expression speaks to me
The superficial grit and war cries, inaudible to our hearts
Some throw up, others grip the Cross, letting prayers do their part.

I take out my wallet, clearing the droplets away
That damp photo of my family providing me warmth
The memories gush into me like a quiver of arrows
A smile escapes my cracked lips, hoping it won't be the last

I keep the memories back in their place
And think of the dark coast that lies ahead
The final moments of prayer and a final check of weapons
A final pep-talk and into the jaws of death.

The sirens go off and we rush out of the boats
Amidst the blind barrage of machine-guns, we crawl ahead
The first few moments and half of my men dead
Some groan aloud while blood oozes out of their heads

A deafening sound and a blinding flash
A shell explodes chopping soldiers to pieces
I duck down and wait for what's coming next
And the gore of my comrade smears my sand-plastered face

I trudge along, as soldiers are meant to
Dodging bullets and splinters amidst the hellish firepower
With the stench of blood and smoke piercing my soul
Firing randomly as my mind ceases to think

I lose count of time, the battle drawing to eternity
Faceless corpses lying on the beach with fishes for company
The nauseatic feeling engulfing that Doomsday
Man kills man...for what?...why? questions unanswered till today.

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ankit said...

savin private ryan ?? i lik meg ryan so much !! ur poem ws nice!!