Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Beauty in the Crowd

Far away she stood, away from the chaotic crowd
The merrymaking seemed hard to douse
The claps & whistles would never drown
She stood there, alone & unmoved..
Oh! I fell for that girl ... the Beauty in the crowd!

I stopped in my tracks, ignoring the human abound
My gaze fixed at her, hypnotically as it may sound
Her pretty face with a void expression
Evoked my attention, I knew there had to be a reason..
Oh! I fell for that girl ... the Beauty in the crowd!

I observed her face, trying to read her
A hundred thousand emotions resonating on it
Hope, despair, love, tragedy .. I almost lost count
Never had I seen them so vividly, I fail to recollect..
Oh! I fell for that girl ... the Beauty in the crowd!

My feet stepped forward, I knew I had to talk
But she moved before I could, and joined the pervious crowd
I cursed myself in an utter despair
And the next moment, it was all over with a deafening sound..
Oh! I fell for that girl ... the Suicide Bomber!


rohan said...

hi mihir
that's one of the best works i have gone through in recent times
i never knew you had a poet in the way when did u wrote it

NEHA said...

@ d risk of soundin cliche bt SIMPLY AWESOME!!

mihirtronics said...

Hey rohan,
Thanks for ur comments... I wrote it after 'attempting' the Microwave paper in term test 2... i had almost 30 mins in hand before i could leave the exam hall, so i thought, why not utilize the blank side of the question paper.. and it turned out to be a poetry!!! ha ha ha

mihirtronics said...

Thank you neha.. just an attempt into some aberrant poetry!!

ankit said...

y did u kill her ?? poem was nice wid endin mein twist,but try writin scripts for ekta kapur!!lol

The Transparent Mind said...

nice poem, good show of creativity & language....

just sad that it turned out to be a suicide bomber...

nehudfriend said...

kaaya mihir, suicide bomber??!!!! everything was perfect uptill the last line, i had even prepare for a sad ending, but this was really unexpected. once again suicide bomber??!!!!

Deepika Patil said...

Hey, Nice one!!