Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bangkok Post: Day 14

Nothing to blog about today, a day spent at home with just a little outing at the local supermarket "MAKRO" in the evening. But I did come across one interesting thing I had never seen before with my eyes. Hearing about it was a different thing but seeing it actually was a new sight for my eyes... (tasting it would be too far-fetched since it would still need some resolve from my taste-buds). In the frozen foods section of the supermarket, all kinds of meat was available. But the signboard that caught my eye was the one indicating 'Frozen Crocodile'! Sharing the signboard with all of you to enjoy. Anyone care for a bite??? (and by the way did I mention frog meat and tortoise meat?)


Jui Chitre said...

good you got that pic here..otherwise it was little difficult to believe they actually sell croc meat like that..crazy stuff..:)

mihirtronics said...

the next time I will go to Bangkok, I wanna taste croc meat.. would be quite an experience!