Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Oil Painting

Two flowers bloom together
In a friendship-filled weather
A stroke of Narcissism in the white bloom
The very sight takes over my gloom

The wooden brown frame bound
Against a canvas of white abound
The two flowers.. two friends
On life's canvas they beautifully blend

The allegory painted in delicate hue
Of the friendship like an everlasting dew
The painting, of all the life's treasures
A symbol of love & bonding beyond any yardstick's measure!

The artwork beautifies my bedroom wall
A sight so pleasing before I fall
On the bed only to wake up to the sunrise
The Narcissi smiling at me bring me to life...

(A thank-you expression for you, my best friend... for your wonderful gift. I couldn't think of a better way to say it.)


Anonymous said...

nice poem...

Mihir Kulkarni said...

Read it today. Just when I needed it.
Good work!

Abinomable Nutcase said...


That is nice. do let me know if u visit my site.

Sabah said...

hey... thats some awesome work.. as far as im concerned.. Im new to this!! still learning!! but u write damn well! keep it up! n i like ur profile too! detailed i must say!!!!