Sunday, May 31, 2009

No cOZ for fear!

Hi Friends,

That is the news report in today's Pune Mirror, voicing out students' reactions who are in Sydney to the recent Aussie attacks. I had given a small email interview to this journalist and the report has finally made it to the print.

Just posting the link here. Please do put your comments so that we could make good use of this webspace for sharing viewpoints!

(Go to page 2: See inlay image for reference)

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array said...

whteva u hav written cud b true bt it doesnt mean dat RACISM does nt exist......i think.....mabbe in Australia in takes a little more time 2 take its toll.....

Gouri said...

What you've said is true... it's correct when seen from a perspective. The reasons you've cited are, especially, bang on! Recession has hit hard and Indians are eating into the local's jobs.

But the grim fact remains that Indians have always been on the receiving end in Oz.

All along, much, much before this recession came in, there used to be stray, muted incidents, very subtle... probably so ingrained in Australian life, that we didn't even react, where people were targetted because they were 'non-white'. I mean, Oz as a country is too beautiful, developed, safe (that's so ironic, in the present context) things like comments/words can be overlooked!

Also on a personal level the 'aam' australian is 'cool'. But what about the mob?

The way I see it, due to the recession, this racist attitude has now simply precipitated...these elements are now just getting harsh and focussed... it is no longer restricted to words... people are getting physically attacked, that's the scary part!

mihir mulay said...

true, Gouri, but can you say for sure that other nationalities are not targeted? Do we follow the Vietnamese, Chinese or other news for such reports? We may be ignorant about these possibilities.
And yeah, mob creates problems in any part of the world, and India too is not immune to it!
If a few men consumed alcohol and raped a German lady in Mumbai a few month back, Germany ought to label all Indian men to be Rapists!!
This would be considered a stray incident just because the German population in India is just too negligible. But the same doesn't go with Indians in Australia.. Imagine if every 5th person you saw on an average Indian street was German, the crimes against Germans would have been reported more frequently, as in the case of the German lady!

Anyway, I am not trying to defend Aussies or pointing towards anyone! Its just how I view it to be!