Monday, December 15, 2008

Musings by the sea

An evening spent with 2 of my closest friends on the Marine Drive is enough to take away life's worries away for at least the moment. The sun setting behind the cloudy horizon casts a magic spell all over the place. The calm sea ahead of you and the bustling city of Mumbai behind you makes you smile an irony. Moments are cherished; photographs embellish them. Sitting on the facade of the rocks on the sea-face, sometimes words are lost. All of a sudden, there is nothing to speak about, but everything to experience. Even the fallen breeze makes you fresh and lively! That's nature! And that's us; an integral part of it; of the sea, of the tides, of the sun. A look at the horizon far away makes you feel a part of it. The horizon doesn't know how much more to tread on, where is the end, or for that matter, where should it begin... Illusion: thats what we live, and thats what is the horizon we see. But then if life is an illusion, we should enjoy every bit of it. Illusions can be conquered by human bonds, and that makes us special.

Chuckles of laughter stir the placid calmness and suddenly there is so much to say, so much to talk about. But the clock ticks away to glory; you can't bribe it... The twilight hour decks up the 'Queen's Necklace' as the place is called due to the literal resemblance. People throng to this captivating place to catch some much needed fresh air. Fresh air - a much sought after commodity in this concrete jungle. The worldly sense now takes over and wristwatches get a quick glance. Its time to return to our abodes and to life's frontiers.

What more can I ask on a Sunday evening?


Anonymous said...

aww...dat was wonder nature does wonders to ur mind!

Anonymous said...

In every act of nature, there is a teaching...provided you have time to learn from nature. Nature is our biggest "Guru" in a true sense. We have to have time to listen to it when you take walk on quiet hills,time to glance at it when it comes to seasonal changes,when birds build nests & finally when they vacate nests & fly away....lot to will be learning all through your life...all free of cost just for us..just for all of us.

mihir mulay said...


true..very true!!

Gouri said...

So ironic that even the wildest of waves give so much peace! Nice post Mihir!