Monday, April 13, 2009

The Blogger Returns

Yes, I know its quite some time since I have posted anything up here. "Some time" could be an understatement, but nevertheless, I am making a re-entry into this web space.

Time flies and so do distances. I have been subjected to a new life and environment here in Sydney, away from home. Blogging was lost somewhere amidst this new beginning. Friends asked what happened, and I just used to tell them.. "yes, soon I will blog".

But now, I think enough is enough; I shouldn't act that busy and get to what I love the most: write, write and write...
Expect some new stuff on this blog, new experiences in new city, new people, family away from family and some reflections!
See you guys soon.. Thanks for sticking to this space!


Mohita said...

Welcome back!
Finally,the neverending wait came to its destined end.

Waiting to read more.

mihir mulay said...

Hey Mohita, thanks a lot for sticking around on my webspace... and I would certainly come up with some interesting stuff!