Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reply to an SMS

The terrorists attacks of 26/11 certainly invited the anguish and wrath of people of Mumbai. SMSs were doing rounds ranging from kudos to the armed forces to blindly attacking Raj Thackeray and MNS. Many of you must have come across this SMS:

"Where is Raj Thackeray and his brave sena? Tell him that 200 NSG commandos from Delhi (No Marathi manoos! All south & North Indians!) have been sent to Mumbai to fight the terrorists so that he can sleep peacefully. Please forward this so that it finally reaches the coward bully!"

And today I want to answer that SMS. First of all, let me tell you, Raj Thackeray and MNS has made me proud as a Marathi. I really don't expect this piece of news to be followed up by Hindi media channels because we are well aware of the convenient sidelining of issues by these biased channels. They have their own 'politics' of hiding the truth conveniently for their own vested interests. Nevertheless, for those who appreciated the message and also went ahead and pressed the forward button on their cell phones, this is what MNS was upto when news of the attack came in:

When he first heard of the attacks, Arvind Gawde, MNS ward president from South Mumbai and MNS workers pressed into action immediately. Their first priority was to arrange for blood. They contributed more than 1500 bottles for the injured. They made food arrangements for the cops and the NSG commandos, and distributed more than 2000 Bisleri bottles. They arranged for free medicines for needy patients and also provided medicines which were not available at hospitals. More than 2000 workers were helping victims at GT, JJ and St. George hospitals. Vaibhav Shinde, President of Students' Wing of MNS arranged 10 ambulances to take injured to hospitals. They also took 90 victims on their own to the hospitals.

The welcoming thing to appreciate is that Raj Thackeray didn't behave like any other politician. Even if he wasn't in any authoritative position unlike those in power, his party was not politicizing the issue but got down straight to be a part of the helping hand. And I sincerely feel that should be appreciated. Please rise above the petty politics played by the delusive media and look beyond. Infact Maharashtra CM should have been asked this question who had the entire state machinery at his disposal. Kudos to the MNS workers who were working behind the scenes, not caring for any sort of political brownies. Did Narendra Modi do anything fruitful for the Mumbaikars at that tragic moment? A press appearance is all that he gave us, and no one questions him what did you do than just expressing solidarity? But the name Raj Thackeray makes all guns to be diverted to him and pull the trigger without thought. Aren't we unconsciously biased? Do you want to be happy, being puppets in the hand of the media?

The second part of the SMS talks about NSG commandos (no Marathi manoos! All South and North Indians) being sent to Mumbai. Firstly the Mumbai police, essentially a Marathi force, did not just sit there waiting for someone else to take action. The very first heroes of the operations were none but 3 top Police officers from Mumbai, all Marathis. And NSG commandos also comprised of bravehearts like Rajendra Kore (a Marathi), who was injured in Nariman House operations.

Next time you make a statement like that, first get your facts together...

For those who need proof supporting what I just stated, do go through this picture. Its a report in "The Afternoon" dated 27th November 2008


butterfly flutter-by flutter-by said...

Hmm.. two things... 1- A sensible person won't go ahead blindly follow media made stories. but they can be trusted till the length and width of pictures they bring in. it depends on an individual if he/she blindly goes on following or use his/her own brain.

2- No one is saint. but there is a little of saint in everyone. our inner self never tells us to do the wrong. we never listen.Now coming to Raj Thackeray, besides the work he does for the marathis, one cant deny his comments. wrong is wrong, for everyone. but not neccessary he could be wrong everywhere.

Now the point north south east west..NSG is doing a job. a commondo's wont ask a hostage if your a north indian, only then i'll save your life, else let MNS come and save you. same time while MNS was working they wouldn't have been asking those they took to hospital. if I would've been there in mumbai.. and if I have been incharge.. I would have been doing my job.. its actually ill to even talk about being proud and being shameful about anyone's deed.. while mumbai had been on fire, its not mumbai alone protesting.. every large/small part of country is.. and frankly no one is fighting for mumbai/marathas/india.. i think we all are fighting for ourself.. we all are hoping it shouldn't happen to us.. those gone are already gone and they are nt gonna come back.. thats what is practical.. its just time to realize that you need to perform your own duties..

i think being human and being part of this world where we all are living together, is one feel far superior than anything else. I am a rajput myself. while I can be very proud of whole rajput's history/bravery etc i can equally be shameful of their agonies, their nature of fighting with each other.. that was probably the reason that mughal ruled the country and than english.. now so what should i do.. should i jump in a well.. or should i walk proudly praising my long royal background..i do nothing.. i just show what i am. or just nothing.. so well..god... its the longest comment you'd have got.. anyways.. later...

mihir mulay said...

yeah, it certainly is the longest comment. Thank u so much for that.

Certainly, we are at a juncture where media has led us to 'seeing is believing' which often is not the truth. But then its all on what and how you think. A thief would always be called a thief by the media even if he is a Robin Hood. So ultimately, understanding the thief is OUR job, not of the media. And what we think is entirely based on our point of view.

One thing I wanted to highlight by this reply is that forgetting the ideology or the interests, let us call a good thing 'good'. Then why should our views obstruct the goodness, even in our enemy? I wont go into a political debate here, but I am just pointing out how ill-meaning messages are surprisingly appealing!!

butterfly flutter-by flutter-by said...

negative attracts...and thats its strength.. if not, it wouldn't have existed..

mihir mulay said...

hmmm... but sadly that strength doesn't go into making a positive!!

(on a lighter note, negatives also provide matter for a blog topic..ha ha ha.. now thats something positive) ;)

rebelle said...
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rebelle said...

'Please rise above the petty politics played by the delusive media and look beyond.'

I quoted that cuz I want only that to be highlighted from the whole post. Your concern of righting out the wronged view, according to you, is appreciated. But caste differences really need not be highlighted and brought into lime light again and yet again.. cause it is irrespective..It doesn't matter.

An Indian said...


The SMS you are reffering to was actually an answer to a previous SMS that I got from a MH friend of mine which sadly said that, after Karkare, Amte and others it is proved that only Marathi can die for maharashtra.

Was it only maharashtra?

Not for India?

AND to top it, Raj's wife, whateverhernameis, SMSed this to Amitabh Bachhan.. thats at his blog... go read.

SO dear buddy... chill... raj is another dog in the zoo we have here!

mihir mulay said...


so you are indirectly supporting the hate SMS by replying with another? Whatever your point is, I felt I needed to convey what happened behind this message. The events unfolding on that fateful day(s) proved the SMS sent by Mrs. Thackeray wrong. It clearly stands out.

But how do I prove the 2nd message wrong? Thats in this blog..

Anonymous said...

Dint know this side of the story.

I do not support any political leader myself.But one more thing about this whole issue was when news channels were talking about 'no politician has given up his govt paid security' . I think just a few days ago, Raj did just that when he was offered state security post Rahul-Raj incident. No one talked about that.

"CEO,Monster Inc" said...

i agree with butterfly flutter-by flutter-by was she said... dont follow the media blindly...
even LeT runs schools and hospitals in then do they have the right to operate...People need leaders who are visible..if Raj was so out in the open for marathi manoos,y no statement was issued by him comdeming the attacks... i was up watching the news for whole of three days.. dont think i missed it..
secondly, i am disappointed that you choose to divide the issue on regional lines.. saying ur proud to me marathi means what... what abt the firemen, the RPG, the doctors and nurses in the hospitals...
If you cut a mans arm and then apply bandage you dont become a saviour...any one who practicises a policy of divide among ourselves should be condemned not supported...

mihir mulay said...


I am sorry if you got my statement of being a proud Marathi wrong, because I don't think so that being a proud Marathi undermines my pride as an Indian. If that is narrow thinking, I seriously believe that if I call myself 'proud Indian', it would again be regionalism, since I believe in world-citizenship.

But then, you wouldn't mind me calling myself 'proud Indian', coz it doesn't disturb your line of thinking...
Dude, you can be proud of multiple things at a time..

And anyways, this blog wasn't meant to discuss Raj Thackeray and his stand point. My only advice is that don't go by what media portrays him, try and understand WHY...
I wouldn't like to say more...

Rahul Khachane said...

As far as the attack is concern, it an attack on Whole Nation.
Even Political Lobby is together on this issue.
And this N-Indian Topic is of immaterial as far as attack is concern.
Something called as Internal and External Matter come into Focus at this point.
It applies to every organisation in this world. Even to our Family.
So this is an External Matter of our nation.
It is very Sad to say that we lost our 18 Policemen Fightin against terror.For this somewhere our Legal System is also Responsible.
Terror is Dividing this world into Two parts.
One is of Certain set of People and Rest of The world.
This will creat more n more problems for our upcoming generations.
This is the time to Act on Terror Rather than Discussing it.
Parliament attack-Afsal Guru
IC 814-Mohammad Masood Azhar
1993-Dawood Ibrahim
All these Cases are Unsolved Yet.
Its shame on India as a Nation.
We lost our Image in International Lobby.We cant even Act Properly on Terror.

Anonymous said...

sahi bola beedu(i am certainly with u and i m really impressed).

sahi jaa raha hai...
btw i didn't get any sms from anyone.. lekin pahali baar MNS thoda sahi laga(sab teri meherbaani hai). I must really appreciate you for ur work...(and i m doing that.)


Anonymous said...

sahi bola beedu(i am certainly with u and i m really impressed).

sahi jaa raha hai...
btw i didn't get any sms from anyone.. lekin pahali baar MNS thoda sahi laga(sab teri meherbaani hai). I must really appreciate you for ur work...(and i m doing that.)


Anonymous said...

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