Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Laxmi Pujan in Sydney

Diwali festival has always been one of the most celebrated festivals at home. And since every day in Diwali has a special meaning and occassion attached, the festivities and ways of celebration are diverse. Not to mention the relish of traditional Diwali sweets and savouries!!

Down Under, Diwali is celebrated in Indian-dominated pockets, like Parramatta in New South Wales. Diwali shows are arranged and celebrated with colours of music and food. Unfortunately, this year Diwali was at a time when exams are just round the corner. So, going to Parramatta (net travelling of 50-60 mins from Sydney CBD) was out of question for me. Nevertheless, tradition had to be upheld and celebrated, so I planned a modest Diwali at home.

The night before, I made 'diyas' (lamps) out of the flour I had at home, and made some cotton wicks. By next evening, at the time of Laxmi Pujan, they had dried and hardnened and were fit for purpose. I performed Ganesh Puja first and then proceeded with Laxmi Pujan.

This was quite a make-shift affair. My mom had sent me a picture of Goddess Laxmi as an email attachment, which now was the wallpaper on my laptop. This was used for pictorial representation for the Puja. The home-made diyas furnished the sides of the laptop and the touch-pad acted as a place for placing some dollar bills (since Laxmi is Goddess of Wealth in Hindu mythology and wealth is worshipped on this day).

I felt strange as well as happy performing a Puja like this, but then, thats how you achieve maximization through minimum resources. I felt glad I achieved it in my own small measure!


apurva said...

hey mihir thats one of the most gentle and genuine ways anyone could observe and celebrate a festival away from home.. :) mom saw ur special wallpaper fr tht occasion n was amazed of ur innovative way of celebration!kuddos...

shveta said...

hey my boy that was cool.I am happy you made DIYAs out of flour and they turned out to be better than our earthern definitely get more satisfaction when you make things (like diyas) with your own hand. I was touched with your sincere efforts to perform pooja in your own way. Anything (Pooja) is acceptable as long as there is "Bhava"-your soul-in that "karma" (Dev bhavacha bhukela)so it was "complete pooja".Goodshow.

mihir mulay said...


Thank you so much Apurva. Hope you all must have had a good time in Diwali. Pls convey my thanks and regards to aunty.

Thanks maa, for your encouragement. The credit is not mine, its all yours!!

chinmay said...

Nice always...been checking out ur blogs regularly and must confess u get better wit each one..btw..i am making my own feeble attempt at letting off some steam thru some blogs...Lleave a comment if poss..
Peace out!!!
Chin Kelkar

Viraj said...

kewl, man!