Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Caramelized World

Sweet words, sugar coated,
Rightly and politically crafted
Deep down lingers the smell
Of the caramelized world.

The confluence of politics and business
Flows across the oceans deep
Enhancing the sweet salinity
Of the caramelized world.

Cold wars, increasing days afresh
Greys gaining over blacks and whites
The freezing, frosted numbness
Of the caramelized world.

A helping hand and selfless love,
Harsh words filled with concern
Soothing the daily burns
Of the caramelized world.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely concept and that too expressed in very precise words. Mihir, you hit the bull's eye straightaway !!

Saurabh said...

Good to see you write a poem after a long time. The last one I read was "Blood in Stones". Btw, I deleted my earlier comment as I forgot to click on email follow-ups.

The concept was well-woven and the snap fitted the bill (i find it hard to post a pic doing justice to my words but yours was perfect). I esp liked the way your paras end with a description of the main topic.

I saw that your thoughts started climbing or rather digging deeper with the cold wars para. But it ended too early. I feel that this poem wants to say more. Let it be as dark as it wants.

I found this piece very thought provoking. Good work. I couldn't help thinking about it and came up with these thoughts:

My 0.02 $:

Masqueraded faces, invisible hands,
Ulterior motives, transactional friends,
The cloying sweetness of the caramelized world.

Ashish Mote said...

Very Nice poem constructed with simple words "The caramelized world".
You have highlighted the Truth of this world!!

ܔܢܜܔSnEhA PaChPaNdE.... said...

hey nice poem...
very true..

Sabah said...

i like this one too!! the pic made me hungry though ;) but in any case, keep writing!