Sunday, March 23, 2008

Colour Blind!

How can I play with colours,

When Red reminds me of the genocides & the Naxalites?
When Green reminds me of the fundamentalists & the vanishing greens?
When Blue reminds me of the cruel porn industry & Dalit politics?
When Orange reminds me of the flames of power & the saffron mask?
When Yellow reminds me of the Taj Mahal & the endangered tiger?
When Black reminds me of 100 $ a barrel & the dry gunpowder?

How can I not play with colours,

When Red reminds me of unadulterated love?
When Green reminds me of hope & life?
When Blue reminds me of the boundless sky?
When Orange reminds me of the rising sun?
When Yellow reminds me of brightness & energy?
When Black reminds me of the carbon that transforms into a diamond?

How can I, how can I not?


Xorkes said...

Hmmm.. The title should have been coloured views! Lol

kelkarnandini said...

Playing" and Colours"....
A very colourful topic indeed...!
What i would suggest is...
Encourage the Child within you...and just go ahead...without any second thought.....
Just not discolour this interesting idea" by thinking about its pros and cons....:)

mihirtronics said...


Infact i have presented 2 viewpoints of my mind and alter mind... finally both are me..
Its the conflict, not about weighing pros and cons.


hmmm..can give it a thought :-)

Viraj said...


Sabah said...

awesome work! yet again.. nice contrast... i loved it!

Deepika Patil said...

Lovely yaar!

Abinomable Nutcase said...

dude.. this I have to say is the best you have written yet!

mihirtronics said...

thanks ritesh! an encouragement from a poet always helps a rookie....

Jui Chitre said...

beautiful mihir.. only when i was starting to get steered your poem to a differnt perspective..

sushant said...

Gotta tell you that is a very nice piece you have created !!!!!!
That poem uses climax and anticlimax perfectly
last lines dutifully reinforce the conflict
You have got a visual sense for poetry which makes it more appealing with the use of colours and an appropriate pic to go with...
I would like to believe that bcoz the positive attitude comes at the end thats what you choose in such situation
Thoroughly enjoyed this work
Hope this gives you at least some joy as your poem gave to me!!

Have a Great Day

mihir mulay said...


yes, certainly makes me feel nice when readers take out time and efforts to comment on the posting, no matter what the comment is! Keeps me motivated to write more..

thanks a ton!