Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Fading Green

You planted a sapling

Tender & Nascent

All set to gain roots

And eager to send out shoots

You thought it was

A task all complete

And waited for flowers to bloom

Alas! You didn't give it much room

To grip the soil

To anchor the roots

Being the soil, I always tried

To save the plant everytime it sighed

But I couldn't water it myself

For that I needed you

You hardly gave it a thought

And now the green fades away in drought

Save the little green

While some of it remains

Coz if you still can't find water

Maybe the soil won't be there later


Sabah said...

Oh boy! i love the way ur mind comprehends things... ur mind has a mind of its own! Its fantastic..! Something i can relate to and something that everyone should. I think I should just let my imagination free.. like yours! Good work there!

mihirtronics said...

Thanks Sabah, but this is not just a work of my imagination! You can say its an allegory, if you look it the way I do...
It's just I related the two situations! Thats it!

PS: I have submitted 3 of my poems on NDTV. I dunno if they will put it on their webspace..

Jui Chitre said...

beautiful..love the last 2 lines here ..

Deepika Patil said...

Nice flow of thought...

Storyteller said...

awesome poem dude! Heres a "Simon Cowells" Thumbs up!