Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Sea Inside

Movies - the man-made audio visual phenomena that enthralls, captures & motivates me. Just like books bring out the magic of the human mind & the creativity that goes in hand with its fertility; movies undoubtedly are instrumental in making a deeper impact on the audience. One such masterpiece among such beautiful works is a Spanish film 'Mar Adentro' (The Sea Inside). The 2005 Academy Awards & 2004 Golden Globe Awards winner for Best Foreign Film, this movie is certainly a treat for your heart & mind alike. Based on a real life story of Ramon Sampedro, a quadriplegic who became paralyzed after an unfortunate incident and struggled for 30 years to legally end his life with dignity, the movie deals with the myriad persona of a man requesting for his euthanasia. During his struggle to acquire legal right for euthanasia, he shares a beautiful relationship with two women - Julia and Rosa - whom he inspires.

Adjectives fall short for this movie - inspiring, thought-provoking, subtle, intricate, philosophical, emotional... the list continues. Writing a review for a movie of this calibre is certainly not my cup of tea. I feel like a pauper when it comes to words for this piece of work. I feel, putting down a review of this movie in words would be an injustice done on my part. The least I can do after seeing this movie is to tell more & more people about it & allow them to experience it for themselves.

Do visit this website for more on the movie: http://www.theseainside.com/


Jui Chitre said...

Me too happened to read about this film..is the film available at planet M? where did u get to see this one Mihir?

mihirtronics said...

I dunno about the availablity at Planet M, but the DVDs are out in stores.

I happened to attend a special screening of this movie, that is how i saw it. But just 2 days after i watched it, it was shown on Zee Studio.
Do keep a track of Zee Studio films because many a time films are repeated.
Do watch it, and let me know your verdict!!